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Emergency Response

Policy Statement
An emergency is an unplanned or imminent event of a short duration that affects or threatens the health, safety, or welfare of people, property and infrastructure, or the purposes of the Institute. Polonia Renovations is committed to taking appropriate measures to swiftly and effectively respond to emergencies, with the foremost goals of preserving life, protecting Institute property, and restoring operations as quickly as possible.

Purpose of This Policy
• Prepares for and responds effectively to an emergency situation through the appropriate use of written work procedures
• Provides a framework for enhancing the Safety, Security and Emergency Management of its operations
• Mitigates the long-term effects of an emergency on its operations and mission
• Develops and implements Recovery and Business Continuity Plans as required.

Application of This Policy
This policy applies to all Polonia Renovations employs & Employers

24 emergency service fees

Emergency call begin after 5pm Monday to Friday
Saturdays, Sundays and long weekends are classified as an after hour emergency call.

A flat rate fee of $225.00 dollars includes one man for a max of 2.5hrs and one sheet of protective board (plywood), for every additional sheet of protective board a $50 charge will be applied.

If time of emergency call exceeds 2.5hrs a $100.00 per hr charge will be applied.